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Dior Poison Girl Review

Dior poison girl review

What the brand says
The most iconic perfume to make waves in the beauty industry now has a sexy little sister to up the anti – Dior Poison Girl. The perfume is both delicious yet toxic and is perfect for the modern girl. It’s currently available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes.

The Lowdown
Originally Dior Poison was said to be so sensual it was banned in some French restaurants when it was first released. With some perfumes spin offs can be quite different sometimes but I was hoping it would still smell sensual and enchanting.

I have tried a few Dior perfumes in the past but I’ve always felt they were really strong and not my cup of tea at all. I’m more of a sweet/fruity/floral kind of girl and the traditional Dior perfumes in my opinion don’t hit those notes. Dior Poison Girl has been taken down a completely different path to the other perfumes in the Dior collection. It’s very sensual but a lot lighter and sweeter.

Dior Poison Girl is a mixture of scents with bittersweet floral, notes of orange, Venezuelan Tonka Bean and Grasse Rose. Whilst you may not have heard of some of these rather strange sounding ingredients, I can assure you together they smell pretty amazing!

I tested the 30ml which was £45. You might think it would have been more worth getting the larger version but with over 40 perfumes I doubt I’ll be getting through it anytime soon!

The perfume lasted a few hours but not all day which may be a problem for some, especially as the perfume is on the more expensive side.

Have you tried Dior Poison Girl? If so what did you think of it?

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