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CYO Lip and Cheek stain review

cyo lip and cheek stain review

CYO is the new budget beauty brand that wants to help you make the most of your money. With its #mixlayerhack mantra it’s very much about producing products that can be used for as many different things as possible. They’re cruelty free and everything is under £10.00. New to Boots and the UK this is my first try of their products. CYO Lip and Cheek stain is a dual product which I’m testing in the bubblegum pink Here All Day.

cyo lip and cheek stain here all day review

Here All Day comes in a lipgloss style tube with long wand applicator. When I first applied Here All Day I noticed that you don’t get a lot of product on the brush. In some ways that is better as it means you don’t get lots of product that you need to blend out. The consistency of the product is quite thin but it is easy to blend into my skin. I applied with my fingers and needed about two applications for a slight rosey flush on my cheeks. The first picture shows the lip and cheek stain on my left cheek and nothing on the right. On the second I’m wearing it on both cheeks. On my lips it looks like a very pale lipgloss and the colour is only slightly brighter than my natural lip colour. There is quite a sweet taste that is quite pleasant. It doesn’t last very long on my lips and faded away completely after about a hour. By the evening the lip and cheek stain was still visible on my cheeks although it had faded slightly.

cyo lip and cheek stain here all day before and after

The overall effect of Here All Day is not at all dramatic and it doesn’t appear anywhere as vibrant as the tube colour. On both my cheeks and lips the look is quite natural so it’d be more suited for a casual no makeup, makeup look. It tends to work quite well as a blusher but really doesn’t work at all on my lips so effectively fails as a ‘dual’ product.

I give it 2/5

Buy it for £5.00 now

cyo lip and cheek stain lips



cyo lip and cheek stain review