How to create a great flatlay

how to create a great flatlay

If you’re a blogger, new or experienced you know how important it is to get the perfect flatlay. So what are the secret ingredients to making a flatlay that’s pretty and tells a story? I’ll give you my top tips to make your blog look both stylish and professional.

get a good background for the perfect flatlay

Set up your background

You’ve probably noticed that most flatlays have a themed background – whether it’s white marble or wood – the background you use is important in setting the scene. You’ll want something that is not too busy but has a gentle gradient or pattern that will complement the rest of your flatlay. I have 3 simple blue tinted wood backgrounds that I use as my backgrounds. You don’t need to go out and buy lots of material, I use wallpaper samples which you can buy on eBay for about £2 a piece.

use flowers for great flatlays

Gather your props

I can’t stress how important props are to making your flatlays as pretty as you can make them. I either place a collection of white or pink roses in my photos or I use a single flower depending on the kind of image I want. You don’t have to buy real flowers (think of the budget you’d need for that!), you can get pretty real looking flowers from eBay, Amazon and The Range who sell some of the best.

add ring trays as decorative items in flatlays

Whilst flowers are integral to my flatlays there is often a lot of space left over in the picture that I need to fill. I like to use items like ring trays, brooches or butterflies to fill that otherwise obvious gap. I also like to use decorative crystals to add a pretty finish to the photo.

great flatlays tips

The crystals look especially effective when placed on top of a flower. Just like the backgrounds you don’t need to pay a lot and can easily get ring trays for around £3-£10 on Amazon/ eBay. Decorative items like butterflies, crystals and brooches can be found in craft shops or online again in stores like Amazon.

use books in your flatlays

Other props you can use include books with inspirational wording on the front or even books with a eye-catching cover.

step by step guide on how to create a great flatlay

Set the scene

Once you’ve got your props together you need to set the scene. Unfortunately it’s not enough to just chuck everything in the frame and hope for the best. I often arrange my flowers on the top left or top right of the frame as my central piece. I’ll often put the ring trays in the corner to fill up the space and add decorative items where needed.

use books to fill space in flatlays

If the item you’re showing is small (ie lipsticks or mascara) put it on top of a number of books so the scene looks fuller.

Once you’ve followed all these tips you’ll soon be on your way to making a great flatlay.

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