Create Blue Surprise nail art design

What better thing to do on a lazy day is to make your nails look out of this world!

Blue surprise is a combination of three different shades of blue and black to create a layered effect. To create this design I used

  • BYS Nail Enamel in Chrome
  • Miss Sporty nail varnish in 3303 (turquoise)
  • Miss Sporty nail varnish in 2296 (light blue)
  • Barry M Nail art pen in black


Firstly grab a shiny light blue and paint your entire nail

Next take your mid blue and paint the top half of your nail


Grab a dark blue and paint the tips of your nails so you have three stripes of different shades of blue

Once the varnish has dried grab a thin brush and black nail varnish or use a nail art pen like the Barry M one I used

And voila you’re complete in four simple steps.

If you have any nail art ideas you’d love me to recreate please drop me a line on the contact me option across the page. I always love hearing your opinions and seeing your creations so drop me a line!