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Imagine writing for a living and being able to use that to support yourself and your family. For some people it’s a reality, and copy writers can work in a number of different formats and environments. A copy writer will normall work as part of a creative team normally in a advertising agency or public relation firm and gives the writer complete control over the content. The idea is to create a story that will create “visual communication” that will create a emotional connection with readers/viewers.

Copywriting is the term used in the promotion of a person, product, opinion or idea. Copywriters can be involved in a large number of promotional or media situations such as   direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content , online ads, e-mail and other Internet content, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, white papers, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters, and other marketing communications media.

The internet has expanded people’s chance to get involved with copy writing with opportunities such as web content, ads, emails and online media. It has given writers the opportunity to thoroughly research their career, view other writers work and take up new opportunities.As a result of these freelance contractors are far more prominent then they were say ten years ago when freelance copywriters were virtually unheard of.

If you’re considering a career in copy writing you should be aware its a extremely competitive career path to go down and you will need to get as much experience as possible. Whilst a education or a degree in a related subject will be helpful in your search its definitely worth requesting work experience or an internship with a advertising agency.