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Protect your feet from the pain of blisters with Compeed blister relief plasters

Say bye to the pain of blisters with Compeed Blister Relief plasters

compeed blister relief plasters review

We all love our kitten heels and sparkly wedges for completing our outfit and making our feet look glamorous. What we don’t love are the blisters it creates. It doesn’t matter how low the heel might be, or even if your shoes are completely flat, new shoes have a habit of rubbing your skin till it bleeds or a blister forms. With its cushioned protection Compeed Blister Relief plasters are a life saviour in a little box.

The clear plaster is really easy to apply – simply peel the two white tags off the front of the plaster then peel the Compeed label off the back and apply to the sore area. You get 5 plasters per box and they act as a second skin to protect the shoe from making the injured area any worse. It really is amazing watching Compeed Blister Relief plasters at work as they help to protect and heal your blister. The plasters can be left on for a few days till they become loose to aid the healing of your blister and help you to continue wearing your favourite shoes!

A fabulous product for the fashion conscious lady.

I give it 4/5

Get yours for £4.39



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