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Collection makeup Cover and Go duo foundation and concealer video review


Budget brands are great when you’re low on money before payday, but is the quality of their makeup any good? I recently tried out Collection Cover and Go foundation and concealer to discover how effective budget makeup can be. In my video review I will give you my first impressions and let you discover how it looks for yourself.


So if you can’t wait to watch the video here’s what I thought. Collection Cover and Go foundation and concealer is a unique duo product that will certainly save me time in the morning. It is really easy to blend into my skin and gives pretty awesome coverage. I found my under eye circles and other blemishes were covered really well and I didn’t need to use any seperate concealer. As a dual product I’ll also save space in my makeup bag when I’m going away as I don’t need to take two separate products. The major downside I found was that it does look a little oily so it does require quite a bit of powder to give it more of a matte finish.

I give the foundation 3/5

Have you tried this before – what did you think of it? I’d love to know of your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Wearing collection cover and go foundation and concealer duo
After using Collection Conceal and Go



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