Collection 2000 Bring Out a Gel Eyeliner


Gone are the days when eyeliners were only found in pen format. As the big brands experiment with gel eyeliners Collection 2000 have joined the band wagon and brought out their latest eyeliner in a gel format.

The gel eyeliners have the same premise as a very small paint pot and the Collection 2000 gel eyeliner comes in a box with a small application brush.Whilst the eyeliner looks quite firm (like mousse) it applies onto the brush easily and a little really does go a long way.

I felt the brush was quite thick and lacked a pintpoint nib so the line was a lot thicker then I would’ve hoped for. The eyeliner is very long lasting and as the evening draws in its still as vivid as it was when I first applied it.

The gel eyeliner is a great alternative to a Kohl eyeliner but it’s certainly a lot more tricky to get used to applying liner with a little brush. However if you’re willing to give it a go it’s a great long lasting product that does just a good a job as a tradional liner.

I’d give it a 3/5


  • A little goes a long way so this little pot will last a long time
  • Gives off a strong black line


  • Applying with a small brush may be tricky for some people
  • You can’t store it as easy as you can a pencil liner
  • The thick ended brush means the line isn’t as precise as you may envision