Ciate London paint pot in Amazing Gracie/Antique Brooch review

ciate london paint pot in amazing gracie/antique brooch review

What the brand says
Ciate have combined some of their most popular shades in their Duo to Go nail varnish sets.

With a long wearing chip resistant colour, the nail polish has a flat brush so you can get professional results from the comfort of your home.

The Lowdown
Despite doing a quick Google I haven’t really been able to pinpoint exactly how many Duo to Go sets Ciate are on sale. I have been able to find four sets:

  • Sheer pink/glitter
  • Lucky Penny/raincheck
  • Amazing Gracie/Antique Brooch
  • Mistress/Razzmatazz

I’m testing Amazing Gracie/Antique Brooch which is a duo of creamy white and sparkling gold shades.

ciate london duo to go paint pot review

I decided to layer the nail varnishes and applied Amazing Gracie first for a base layer. Amazing Gracie is the creamy white shade and is quite thin so I needed to apply three layers for full coverage. Once it had dried I applied Antique Brooch on top. Antique Brooch looks lovely on top of Amazing Gracie and really stands out on the white background. My nails look really Christmassy and are perfect for the festive period.

For this particular set I would probably say the best way to wear the nail varnishes is together. Both the shades are pretty thin so unless you’re going for a sheer look you might want to avoid going solo.

I give it 4/5

Available for £10.00 at Very

ciate london paint pot in amazing gracie/antique brooch nails


  • Two shades in one which you can wear alone or together for different looks
  • Quick drying


  • The duo to go sets are quite hard to get hold of now in the main shops but probably can be found on Amazon/Ebay
  • Both shades are quite thin when worn alone