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Change the colour of your lipstick with Kiss Colour Switch Lipstick

The Hype
Lipstick is fantastic and can certainly revolutionise a look. Whether you’re bored with your current collection of lipsticks or you’re scared to try a bold new shade Kiss Colour Switch has the perfect solution.

Kiss Colour Switch is a pure white lipstick that adds dimensions to your existing colours and turns any KISS stick to a lighter alternative shade. The white lipstick is used as a base and the colour is placed over the top and carefully blended together to create a new look.

The Lowdown
Shortlisted for the Beauty Awards 2015 I was intrigued when this unique new concept was put forward to me to try. I have never seen a white lipstick before that was actually designed to change the look of other lipsticks. Ultimately the lip base gives you so many opportunities for new looks which can be used with your existing products and won’t cost you a penny.

I do love a bold red lip but there are other shades I wouldn’t really try like black or deep purple. Whilst I’m not sure I would try those shades even with the Colour Switch lipstick it’ll be be great to see if it could transform some of my existing shades. To blend you simply use a lip brush or even your finger to create a completely new shade or even a ombre look.

The lipstick has a pleasant fruity smell and has a slight sheen when applied. I used the lipstick with a bright purple shade to see what sort of effect it had. As you can see from the before and after the Colour Switch lipstick really tones down the colour and makes the purple a light pink shade. It reduces the colour a lot and if I’m honest I do prefer the real shade but it would be good for trying some daring looks.

At just £9.00 this product is a real bargain and has the potential to revamp your entire beauty stash. With the chance to create new lipsticks and save money what are you waiting for?!

I give it 3/5

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