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Chanel Inimitable Mascara: It’s a Designer Icon but does it give you lashes to die for?

Chanel Inimitable claims to add volume, length, curl and define your lashes.

So with the mascara* at my fingertips I put it to the ultimate test.

The mascara comes in a very simple black tube with very little imagery; other then a gold border and the chanel trademark. Inside the box is a little information leaflet folded up neatly; it comes in several different languages so it’s suitable for users all over the world.

The mascara wand is quite small so it was perfect for getting right into the corner of my eye without poking it, allowing me to coat even the tiniest of lashes. I applied around two to three coats on both my bottom and top lashes before I felt they were covered sufficiently.

On reflection I felt that my eyelashes were certainly more defined after application, with little to no clumping my lashes looked seperated. The length of my lashes were probably 3x those pre mascara, which I felt was on par with most mascaras. I often find that many mascaras that aim to curl your lashes fall flat of their promise; with Initmitable there was certainly a small curling effect namely around the edges of my lashes. On a final note my lashes were full and volumised but could probably due with another quick boost.

When a mascara aims to perform several functions it has a lot to live up to and I felt that Chanel Inimitable mascara lived up to many of its claims. With excellent definition, small amount of curl, no clumping and slight volumising it gives eyes that bit of extra power to stand out among the sea of false lashes.

I’ll give it a 4/5