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Champneys Collection: Perfect Lips Plumping Lip Gloss

Many lipglosses claim to have the power to pump up your lips but do they really? I put Champneys plumping lip gloss to the test. Champneys products are generally mid range prices but I believe I got this lip gloss on sale reduced from £6 to £3. They are available from all large Sainsbury’s or online.

The product looks quite fancy and claims to give you fuller looking lips whilst boosting your lips collagen. When you apply the product you do feel a slight tingling in your lips and get quite a strong sweet smell from the product. Having taken before and after photos of the product I could only see the smallest variation in lip size. The photo on the right having a minimal 10% increase.
Before                                                                                                                    After

The product slightly fulfills its claim to give you fuller looking lips but is not perhaps the large improvement many may expect.

So if you’re looking for a clear lip gloss that will give your lips the impression that they’re bigger then this product will do the job. However if you’re looking for a Angelina Jolie job perhaps this product isn’t for you. Rating 2.5/5.