Carmine January or is it February box!

Well I have to say this month… what a disappointment Carmine.


The box which is expected to turn up around the 25th January didn’t turn up… At all… till I sent a frustrated email to support who then sent out another box first class. So despite me not receiving anything Carmine were still quite happy to take the money out of my account.

So I was hoping that after my very long wait the box would be worth it. Well I’m not really sure it is.

In this months box is:

  • Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising and brightening cream – A organic wild rose face cream that brightens and repairs your complexion. Also adding plumping hydration for the next 24 hours.
  • Eldora False Eye Lashes – Handcrafted eyelashes especially designed to give you a extra bit of sparkle. Not bad I guess as I do like to go False from time to time.
  • Radiance Face Oil – A 100% natural facial oil that will dramatically renew your skin and make it glow.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt – A natural mineral rich 30 minute soak in the bath that gives your skin the ultimate detox. Equivalent to a 3 day fast. Now not something I would normally buy but it’d be great if it works!
  • Eyeko – Fat eyestick in Petrol blue

So what do you think? I just hope they pull their socks up next month or rather this month!