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Broadway Nails manicure in a bottle review

Broadway nails in Impress are a manicure in a bottle, with no waiting around and no drying time.

The short style nails come in a gorgeous hot pink colour and ate presented in a container shaped like a nail varnish bottle. There are enough nails for around two uses with fresh nails each time.

Within the bottle is a small nail file and a wipe which makes applying the nails easier. Outside are a set of handy instructions that make the applying process much easier, especially for newbies.

Each nail comes with a small tag on the back which makes for really easy application. The instructions advise you to lay out each nail in size so you’re not fumbling around after applying a few, which is, I’m sure you’d imagine a very useful tip.

After wiping my nail with the wipe I applied each nail in turn. Once I got near the end it became very difficult to remove the tabs with the nails I’d already applied getting in the way.

On completion I have to admit my nails felt irritated which may be down to this being the first time I used false nails.

A few of the nails were a bit too big for my fingers, but they did set easily and looked pretty good.

I love the quirky design of Broadway Nail Impress manicure and really think it makes them stand out. The application process was fairly easy, apart from the end but they didnt feel that nice on my fingers.
Right hand

Left hand

As a result I would give them 3.5/5

•Fantastic packaging
•Comes with around two uses of nails which gives it great value for money
•Easy to apply
•Pretty girly design

•Slightly difficult to apply towards the end
•Made my natural nails feel really odd

Find out more about Broadway Nail designs here

The Broadway nails were kindly given for me to sample by Alex Silver Pr

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