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Bourjois City Radiance foundation and concealer review

bourjois city radiance foundation and concealer

What the brand says
Inject some radiance into your life with Bourjois City Radiance foundation and concealer. Available in 6 shades, the foundation is formulated to give a light to medium coverage.

With SPF 30 and a pollution screen the foundation is great for those city dwellers who fear the effects that daily grime has on their skin. The new two part collection is designed to work together to hydrate and brighten skin leaving a fresh and even complexion.

The Radiance Reveal concealer has a range of three shades that work in conjunction with the foundation to add a little help by concealing dark circles and imperfections.

The Lowdown
I’d pretty much run out of my Rimmel Match Perfect foundation so was really in need of something new to try when I spotted these on the Boots website.

The City Radiance foundation has sleek modern packaging and is very compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. The concealer is a little more bulky in comparison to the foundation but is no bigger than most concealers. The last Bourjois foundation I tried was Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (read the review here) and whilst most people loved it I had to say it did nothing for me. Since then I haven’t tried a Bourjois foundation so when I bought this duo I was hoping that it would give my skin a dewy soft finish.

The foundation is buildable and gives a perfect dewy fresh looking finish. The foundation does have radiance pigments in so it does leave small glitter flecks on the face but it’s honestly not as bad as some foundations I’ve tried in the past. It really helps to give skin that radiant, fresh finish. The foundation has fantastic stayability and by the evening it was still going strong with only a small amount of wear. The foundation doesn’t look cakey at all throughout the day and leaves my skin looking smooth.

The concealer doesn’t work as well and I feel the colour is a bit of a mismatch with my dark circles still visible. By evening the concealer had faded and my blemishes were certainly more visible than in the morning.

I absolutely love the finish the foundation gives and the longevity of the product. It doesn’t dry my skin out, leaves it looking fresh and radiant all without caking. The concealer is not so great with a bit of colour mismatch and the product fading throughout the day.

I give the foundation 4/5 and the concealer 2/5

Concealer is £7.99 at Boots 
Bourjois City Radiance foundation is £9.99 at Boots