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5 ways to deal with negative body image and self esteem issues

5 ways to deal with negative body image and self esteem issues

Do you feel negative about your body? Find out 5 simple ways you can deal with negative body image and self esteem issues

Whilst women come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, the media is often flooded with images of unrealistically skinny influencers and celebrities. Our perception of ourselves is often affected by things we see and with today’s connected world, things like our Instagram feed depicting hundreds of images of unrealistically toned and flawlessly beautiful girls can make us hate the body we’re in. Even though we are aware of the fact that social media most often imposes unattainable beauty standards, we cannot blame it alone for the growing number of negative body image and self esteem issues both men and women are dealing with as the issues were there long before social media. From the minute we were born, people around us have been commenting on our looks. Whether this is in the form of compliments, general statements or negative and rude remarks, we are exposed to and accustomed to hearing about our physical appearance more frequently than about any other feature we boast. In time, we start to accept the same patterns of behavior and beliefs about the importance of our looks. Most often, it is our body and weight that becomes the focus of our attention and frustration.

We can argue that looks don’t matter and that there are far more important things in life, yet the harsh truth is that they do, at least to a certain extent. However the point is not to feel bad for not looking like a supermodel, nor to do anything harmful to our health in order to look a certain way. Quite the contrary, our focus should shift to changing our beliefs about our bodies and beauty in general, while taking care of it in a healthy and balanced way. Here are five ways to feel good in your skin even if you are not always happy with what it looks like.

1. Accept your Body

Accepting your body is the first step and in most cases the most difficult one. Not to be confused with letting yourself go and not taking care of yourself and your body, to accept your body means learning how to appreciate it with all its limitations in terms of genetics that cannot be changed. Sometimes no matter how many hours you spend in the gym, you simply cannot change the size of your hips, your height or the way your body distributes fat. Learning to love your body for what it is won’t make magical changes to the way you look, however, it will make you adopt a more positive and healthier perspective that will reduce your body image and self esteem issues immensely.

2. Monitor your Thoughts

In order to transform any negative body image issues, you first need to examine them closely, either by yourself or with the help of a professional therapist. Make sure to monitor your negative thoughts as they appear. Find out what causes them, i.e. what types of situations, words or events activate them, so that you can either eliminate the triggers or find better coping mechanism in order to lessen their effects.

5 ways to deal with negative body image and self esteem issues 1

3. Exercise Regularly

The trick here is not to take working out in the wrong way. As opposed to torturing your body with long hours in the gym in order to reach a goal weight, take a different approach and rethink your reasons. Of course you are going to be lacking motivation when you are doing due to your negative body image and self esteem issues. Forcing your body means that you don’t love the way it looks and serves you. Once you start appreciating it differently and exercising in order for your body to feel good, stretch and function properly, the workout will mean so much more.

4. Give Yourself a Treat

Sometimes our body, skin, hair or nails need that something extra in order to be the best that they can be. In the same way we need to learn how to accept some of the features we are not happy with, we should learn how to emphasise and focus on our best ones. Being the best we can be means providing our hair with natural hair care products and pampering our skin with quality skin care and skin treatments that boost its natural processes. By embracing good and safe methods that are not aimed at changing who we are, we are developing a positive self-image that promotes acceptance and a healthy body and beauty beliefs/perspectives/attitudes.

5. Make Constructive Comparisons

Instead of comparing yourself to people you find beautiful, focus on the people who inspire you in other areas of life, who maybe do not have the most ideal physical features. Once you realise that not all of your role models are perfectly shaped and proportioned and that this does not stop their armies of fans admiring them, you will be able to more easily disassociate looking good from feeling good and achieving great things in life. After all feeling good inside is what we’re all after in the end.

Over time these tips will help you to deal with your negative body image and self esteem issues and help you find ways to improve your self confidence.

Guest post by Rebecca Brown

5 ways to deal with negative body and self esteem issues