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Blushers don’t just come in a gel or powder anymore: See the New CID Cosmetics in I-Blossom stamp


We’ve all seen blushers in powder and cream formats but have you ever seen a blusher in a stamp?
New Cid Collection have changed everything we ever believed about blushers when they brought out their lastest blusher in a stamp format.

This interesting concept allows for a powder blush to be applied without the need for a brush, meaning it can be used on the go – whether it’s on the train or on the bus. As with pretty much all New CID cosmetics this stamp blusher comes with a handy mirror meaning you can really travel light.

Each stamp contains one application so it certainly saves on blusher and you simply rub it into your cheek to get a nice rosey glow. The one thing I will say on a negative is that each stamp gives off a very rosey glow, and some people may struggle to spread this over their entire cheek.

The stamp is very small which makes for great storing in your probably very full makeup bag.

I’d give it a 4/5 for innovation and handiness



This product was kindly sent to me for testing via the New Cid press team.