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How I incorporate my blog into my daily routine schedule

If you want a successful blog you need to incorporate it into your daily routine schedule. Here’s my top tips on how you can include your blog in your daily life whilst still maintaining vital family time

Like anything in life if a blog is to thrive then dedication and commitment is the key. At the start of 2016 I decided to focus a bit more on Glitz and Glamour Makeup and improve my readership and social media following. In order to improve the status of my blog I incorporated my blog into my daily routine schedule using a number of methods that I repeat every week so I can have a good life/work balance. Find out more below.

Gathering my thoughts

At the start of the week I come up with the topics I want to write about the following week. I research what’s popular and what I think will help my readers on various issues. Once I’ve come up with a total I’ll start to research deeper into the article and start to write a draft of the final copy.

Time to schedule

By Friday I’ve normally written all of my posts and I’ll just be adding the final touches. Sometimes if I’m busy in the week going to events or out with friends I won’t have everything written by Friday so it could extend into Saturday. At the moment I write 5 posts a week which are scheduled from Monday to Friday. I don’t write any posts for the weekend so I can give myself a bit of a break. I schedule my posts as if I wrote them all on the day they were posted I wouldn’t get anything done!

Snap happy

I love coming up with pictures to go alongside my blogs and like to be quite creative. I tend to take most of my pictures on the Friday after work. Normally I’ll post one picture per article but if it’s a makeup review I can post a lot more. I also use a number of free image stock sites if I need to top up my images. Canva is my goto site for editing as it’s mostly free and has lots of options to get my pictures looking fabulous.

Post promotion

After putting my blog posts together I head to Buffer to promote the previous weeks post which I schedule to go out on Twitter. I promote  each post 5 times a day but mix the posts up so they’re not too repetitive. I then head into Facebook and schedule posts that were published two weeks ago to go out daily. I do it this way as my blog Facebook page is linked to Twitter and if I promoted the previous weeks posts in the same week there would be too much of the same content.

Once I have my blog posts scheduled and my posts promoted my blog is complete for another week. What does your blogging daily routine schedule look like?

blogging daily routine schedule