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Beauty UK Glitter Eyeliner

When out looking for a glittery eyeliner one day I was specifically looking for Collection 2000, but when  I couldn’t find the right one  I was looking for  I tried this make instead.

Beauty UK are a cheap makeup range available in most Superdrug stores, they sell eyeshadows, concealers, foundations, blushers etc and offer a cheap alternative to the expensive brands like Revlon. This liner looks pretty nice in the tube and shows instantly how glittery it appears to be.

It applies easily to your lash line and you get quite a bit of product on the brush. However when you draw a line you find the result is really quite thin and you might not get the wow factor you expected from a liner. It took me a few times going over the same line to get the thicker glittery effect that I desired from the product.

The liner does dry pretty quickly which is a plus when you have eyeshadow to apply and gives you a really pretty glittery line. At only around £2 this product is a little bargain. I’d give it a 3.5/5.