Break the beauty myth – you can have spider leg lashes

beauty myth

Think you should never been seen dead with spider lashes? You’ll be pleased to know it’s a beauty myth…

Many people think clumpy lashes are the sign of a bad mascara. Whilst that may be true if you didn’t intend your lashes to have a spider leg finish, however if the look is intentional it can actually work.

To make the most of the look prep your lids with an eye primer or nude matte eyeshadow shadow to absorb any natural oils that can increase smudging.

The clumpy spider look shouldn’t be too overcurled – your lashes should be as straight as possible to imitate spider legs.

Use a water resistant mascara that can be easily built on and apply to both your top and bottom lashes. The idea is to build up as much volume as possible to create that ‘clumpy’ look. To complete the style move the mascara wand horizontally back and forth along your lashes.

For a last minute touch use a lash brush to gently fan out the ends of your lashes to create a wide eyed look.