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Beauty essentials you need to pack in your travel bag

beauty essentials you need to pack in your travel bag

It’s finally that time of year again, the time when we stop checking our emails and start checking out holiday destinations. While it’s true that this is an almost euphoric time, the packing part is not quite so thrilling. Aside from the fact that most people dread packing and  postpone it till the last minute, there is also the risk of forgetting to pack something truly crucial. I know everytime I go away I always forget something. In order to make your packing routine as least stressful as possible, we have come to your rescue with a list of all the essentials for a fun packed holiday. Use this as your guiding light, make a checklist and embark on your journey without that nagging ‘I forgot something’ feeling.

Plane Necessities
The one item that always slips our mind is the toothbrush. A great hack that will serve as a reminder is to keep a toothbrush container in your travel makeup bag, that way you are bound to remember. Now, you might not be aware of this, but as soon as you get on a plane the change in atmosphere sucks the moisture from your skin. That is why your carry-on should always have a great moisturiser. Skinceuticals is here to the rescue with their travel-friendly Daily Moisture cream, and if you’re traveling at night, always use their amazing Retinol 0.5. Retinol is as close to magic as it gets; while you’re getting your snooze time, it regenerates the skin and generates collagen. Another thing to always have by your side is a travel-size face wash; there is nothing quite like it to give you a boost of freshness after being hunched in the same position for seven hours. A touch of deodorant, a quick tooth-brushing and you’ll be as fresh as a daisy.

beauty essentials you need to pack in your travel bag on the beach

Once you’ve arrived
If you’re staying at a hotel, you’ll probably be all set when it comes to toiletries. However, you should consider bringing your own shampoo and conditioner, especially if you’ve found your Holy Grail ones and you don’t want to risk a bad-hair holiday by using generic ones. Now, bust out your retinol and day cream and join them with the rest of the crew – sheet masks, exfoliator, face cleanser, and makeup removing lotion. Skincare is always a priority, but even more so on your travels because your skin goes through a lot on the plane, not to mention the adjustment to a new climate.

beauty essentials you need to pack in your travel bag sunblock

Beach time companions
Ok, now you’re getting ready for some real fun. There are some things that should definitely not slip your mind – sun protection. First off, there is sunblock, which under no circumstance should contain less than SPF 30. The importance of sunblock simply can’t be emphasized enough. After fun in the sun, always use the after sun lotion right after. As far as evenings go, your best choice is a moisturizing butter or body oil, to deeply nourish the skin after sun exposure and salt water. Make sure all your products are under 100 millilitres, not only because of the airport regulations, but travel-size packages are a real space saver. Superdrug and Boots are great for picking up travel size beauty products.

beauty essentials you need in your travel bag makeup

Don’t forsake your makeup essentials
While it’s true that you won’t be wearing a lot of makeup on holiday, some things should never be left out. Sadly, makeup does not come in travel-size packages, but, there is a way to work around this and make your makeup more travel friendly. You do not need every shade of lipstick you own. Once you have sorted out the clothes you want to wear, pick a few lipsticks that are a) coordinated with your outfits and b) your go-to shades. Your primer and foundation (or tinted SPF moisturizer) fall under the must-have category, and eyeliner and mascara are welcome as well. If you are the girl who cannot be separated from her highlighting and eyebrow kit, a great solution for them not to be left out is to get an all-encompassing set. This way you do not have to make compromises and sacrifice your beloved brow and glow.

beauty essentials you need in your travel bag brushes

Final touches
Ideally, brushes should be excluded. However, if you can’t live without them, make sure you have a great travel makeup case as your faithful companion. The perfect one should be filled with many little compartments so that you can separate your makeup from your brushes. Having separate compartments also prevents items from bumping into one another, thus avoiding breakage of glass packages. Finally, keep a little extra room just in case; you never know if you’ll be tempted to buy more products during your trip.

Guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith