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Barbara Daly Peach Melba Eyeshadow

I love eyeshadow, even though I  have a box full I’m always buying more. Whlist I was out in Tesco’s this little pot of delight caught my eye. This cute little eyeshadow is known as peach melba and has a trio of pastel shades – baby blue, peach and cream. The shadow is very glittery so will add a lovely sparkly effect to your eye makeup.

The packaging is pretty simple, a black and clear container with a see through lid. It’s easy to open and apply and quite small so will fit easily into your makeup bag. The eyeshadow really does make me think of Summer when I look at it as the colours are so cheery. It’s very easy to apply and you can wear the colours alone or altogether, layering them for a different look.

The overall effect is quite light but is good for wearing to work or on a casual day out. Probably the only disadvantage would be that it might be too light for some people.

You can buy Barbara Daly makeup from Tesco.

The below result is by using the peach and cream shades