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You sneak a hesitant peek at the mirror and glimpse a new crop of acne brewing. Your level of frustration continues to escalate, and your self-confidence
wants to dive back under the blankets. You open the medicine cabinet, prompting an avalanche of all those half-depleted bottles, tubs and tubes of creams,
serums, scrubs and other treatments that you have tried. Even the dependable medicated pads and ointments that you turned to as a teenager to fight
blemishes have turned on you. Today is the day to embark on some online research for an effective acne treatment so that you can stop the blemishes, failed
products, cover sticks and wide-rimmed baseball caps from taking over.

You Are Not Alone 

Adult acne is not uncommon. Some adults battle the blemish wars nonstop from puberty through adulthood. Others enjoy a ceasefire for a few years, only to
come under attack again later. Women are more commonly afflicted with acne than their male counterparts, often as a result of fluctuating hormones during
monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy and all phases of menopause. A family history of adult acne can be a predisposing factor. Another potential contributor
is stress, which is more rampant than ever among adults in today’s society. Although acne is frustrating and embarrassing, you have the power to take
charge and to stop stressing out about it as you begin a successful online quest for a cure.

The first step is to learn more about acne, from the different types to the various available treatments. Because adult acne has been recognized as a
common problem, there is a wealth of information at the Internet browser’s disposal. This education is best accomplished on reputable medical sites whose
names we have all come to recognize and turn to when quickly looking up a malady or drug. Some medical university websites also provide similar
informational pages. Websites containing information written by board-certified dermatologists are also excellent places to start.

Use What You Have Learned 

Once you have amassed some knowledge about your condition, take some of those learned facts a step further as you search for the treatments that may have
been mentioned briefly on one of those medical sites. If these sites have enabled you to narrow down the type of acne with which you are dealing, you can
also search for treatments for the particular type of acne in question. Once again, it is imperative to stay with reputable sites that are written by
physicians and pharmacists. You can learn about a specific product on its manufacturer’s website, but in the knowledge that the company wishes to sell its
product, be sure to question all claims and search for reviews. When reading reviews, do not just take in the number of stars given by the reviewer. Take
the time to read their comments, and filter out the complaints and compliments that are most important to you.

A Doctor Will Help You Conquer 

Since a number of other factors can cause adult acne, such as certain medications and medical conditions, an essential step in conquering your acne is to
see a physician who will rule out such causes. Search online for a dermatologist within a radius from your zip code. For each dermatologist that is listed,
perform a search for that name and look for reviews. Be sure to actually read the reviewers comments to find the desired qualities best suited for your
needs, and remember that not all negatives are truly red flags. A complaint regarding a two-hour wait to be seen can translate to a successful doctor that
has earned a favorable reputation.

Make the decision to stop hiding behind the makeup mask. Let an effective online research session empower you to seek the best dermatologist and the right
treatment for your acne and give you the clear, radiant skin that glows with confidence.


This post comes from Jay, who has been researching online at places such as the Cosmos Clinic for reviews on doctors

that can assist with acne.