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Bamboo Style Boho waves tousled textured mist review

Discover how Bamboo Style Boho Waves will keep your curls in place for hours

bamboo style boho waves review
Everywhere you look there are hair products that promise to make your curls last well into the evening.  Often these products promise a lot but never quite deliver. So when I heard about Bamboo Style Boho waves a tousled texture mist that promised laid back curls I wasn’t expecting too much.

The product is a weightless clear spray that can be applied to either wet or damp hair for “just back from the beach” tousled waves.

I sprayed the product onto towel dried hair then dried it with a hair dryer and used my GHDs to create simple waves. It feels light on my hair and doesn’t leave it feeling crispy like hairspray can.

As I have layers in my hair I normally don’t have a problem creating curls but getting them to stay in is the problem.

I feel the spray did give my hair a bit of extra staying power and despite not using hair spray around 75% of the curls remained by late afternoon. I’m so pleased to find a product that actually works – this will be my goto spray when I curl my hair.

I give it 4/5

What do you think of Bamboo Style Boho Waves spray – have you given it a try? Let me know in the comments box below.

After applying

The results in the evening

Side view


•Keeps curls in for longer
•Light weight mist that doesn’t make hair crispy


•Has a rather strong smell that isn’t the most pleasant. It doesn’t last long however.

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