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Awaken your senses with Ted Baker’s rose scented beauty set


Ted Baker have come out with a lovely
range of beautiful rose scented beauty products. The new range
includes a body wash, body spray and hand cream that come in gorgeous pink packaging.


The 50ml Body wash is blended with a
mixture of rose, sandalwood and a cheeky twist of raspberry. The rose
is quite subtle and I could really detect the raspberry undertone as
the dominant scent. The body wash was easy to rub in and lathered up
easily. For the rest of the day my skin was left with a pleasant
scent that was not too overpowering.


Combining a mixture of rose and elegant
sandalwood, Ted Baker’s hand cream is infused with Shea butter and a
twist of raspberry. During winter the skin on my hand can often be
quite dry especially around the knuckles. The cream was absorbed into
my skin relatively quickly and didn’t leave a sticky sensation after
the product had been absorbed. After applying my skin felt really
soft with a scent that had quite a dominant rose note. With only a
small amount of product needed per hand this 50ml hand cream will
last for quite a while.


When you’re out and about it’s
important to stay fresh. Whilst perfumes are great for making you
smell amazing the glass bottles can often be quite bulky, and heavy,
taking up needless room in your bag. Ted Baker’s body spray has a
pleasant rose scent. The bottle is really small and as it’s made of
plastic is lightweight so will be easy to slip into a pocket in your
bag. With a spray top the spray is easy to apply and one or two
sprays gives off a pleasant fragrance. The smell is quite light but
is good for a quick touch up when you’re out and about.