Avon Supershock eyeliner in Flash

Avon Supershock gel eyeliner in Flash is a pretty in pink eyeliner that’s perfect for those off duty days.

The eyeliner comes in a smart black box and is instantly identifiable as a pink eyeliner by its pink tip.

The liner glides on really easily thanks to its gel formulation and is small enough to fit in the smallest corner. I applied the product on both my top and bottom lash line, and experienced all day coverage for the top lashes but fading on the bottom by the end of the day.

Flash is quite a light colour so it may wash some skin colours out. I wore it with a lavender eyeshadow for a cute Spring look.

Overall a good product that’s perfect for the days you don’t fancy vamping up your makeup.

I give it 3/5
Up close

From a distance

•Fairly long lasting
•Great for off duty looks like going to the beach
•Would be good for those new to using eyeliner

•The colour is pretty faint so it might not be suitable for everyone

Avon can be bought from independent Avon representatives and online at Avon

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