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Avon Steel smoke eyeshadow and liner video review

When you think of a smokey eye look do you imagine smokey grey eyeshadow blended into a charcoal black shade?  Well that’s the traditional way to do it and it’s something that Avon Steel Smoke eyeshadow and liner helps me to create. As a double ended pencil it contains both smokey grey eyeshadow and a black liner. Using this and a show stopping mascara, I’m able to create a smokey eye look that helps me to save time and money.

avon steel smoke eyeshadow and liner review

Watch my latest Youtube video to discover whether Avon Steel Smoke created a Hollywood smoulder, or a daytime grey.

So what did I think of Avon Steel Smoke? If I’m honest I was hoping for the colour to be a little more intense. I did feel the results were very subtle and may not be that great if you wanted to turn heads when you’re out and about. It would probably be better suited for a casual day when you want to wear makeup but not too much.

I give it 3/5

Have you ever tried this pencil before? I’d love to know what you thought of it in the comments box below.



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