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AVON Magix Foundation

Till about the middle of last year I never felt the need for foundation as I generally have quite good skin. However after a few makeovers or two I realised the beauty of foundation is simply to give you a all over even complexion – clear skin or not.

I’ve tried a few in the past and haven’t had too many horror stories, albeit looking slightly orange with a previous Avon foundation.

Now after finishing my other foundation I decided to finally try Avon Magix which has been sitting in my drawer for over a month. The foundation comes out really smoothly and has a mousse like texture which you can put on your hand before applying.

It glides on easily and gets absorbed quite quickly although you do need to rub in the odd bit a bit more with your fingers. The idea of this foundation is to give you a cashmere finish that is smooth and luminous. I have to say it passed the test – this foundation is fantastic. Not only does it suit my skin tone but it gives me a really classic finish that makes me look fresh and alive. It gave me all over even coverage and even masked many of my blemishes so I had a even base even before I applied concealer.

The effect was immediate as a friend at work noticed the difference on me, Magix foundation is one that really brings out your own features instead of masking them. At around £10 it’s quite pricey but as most foundations are generally its worth the small investment. The packaging is small and quite cute with a shiny magix logo on the front.

I’d give it a rating of 4/5.

Before Magix foundation                                                                            After Magix foundation