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Astral beauty cream is favoured by celebrities as the best hydrating cream

The Hype
Astral original moisturising cream is a beauty product with a formula that has remained  unchanged since its creation in the 1950s. The cream is extremely versatile in its uses and is loved by many including celebrity fans Joanna Lumley, Patsy Kensit and Kate Beckinsale.

The cream is a true beauty bargain starting at only £1.52 and is perfect for your Spring/Summer essentials.

The Lowdown
On first impressions I found the cream was thick but quite smooth and easily manipulated. Initially after application the cream left a slight greasy looking sheen but any dry areas were left well moisturised. The product quickly sunk into my skin and the greasiness disappeared leaving the area super soft with a slight glow.

I love how versatile the product is and how whatever your needs, the cream can be used without any issues. Some uses include:

The product comes in three sizes, 50ml (£1.52), 200ml (£4.28) and 500ml (£8.16) and is available in Superdrug, Boots and Tesco.

The 50ml is super compact but it still has lots of product and it’s under £2.00. It leaves skin silky, smooth and well hydrated and fares well when compared with other face firmers and wrinkle creams.
I give it 4/5

Get a 200ml pot at Boots 



*this was sent to me to test