Are you struggling to control your flyaway hair? Envy Dual Fix 12 may be the answer


Envy Dual Fix 12 is a professional salon treatment that helps repair all skin types. With a perfect balance of silk proteins and Keratin Amino acids the treatment targets damaged areas and attracts moisture to give long lasting results.

Like it’s name the product claims to have 12 fantastic long lasting effects:

  • Amazing shine
  • Helps repair damage
  • Weightless silk effect
  • Easier detangling
  • Helps rehydrate hair
  • Improves styling and blow dry results
  • Thicker fuller feel
  • Helps reduce frizz
  • Rejuvenates tired colour
  • Hair feels stronger
  • Reduces the appearance of Split ends
  • Last for weeks

The product has a eye catching container with bright colours that really attract the eye.

The Envy Dual Fix is a multi functional products that can be applied in two ways. You can do a monthly intensive treatment, applying Envy Dual Fix 12 from roots to ends on dry, unwashed hair, rough dry with a hair dryer until completely dry. Rinse thoroughly then shampoo twice and condition as normal. Alternatively you can use the product regularly with your normal hair routine, leaving the product on for one minute after shampooing and conditioning.

With so many positive effects there was no stopping me from trying this product. On my first use I shampooed and conditioned my hair before leaving the product on for one minute and rinsing. The product is expressed in a foam like consistency and has a pleasant citrus smell. I did feel it made my wet hair less stringy then normal and quite soft.

Generally my hair type is normal so I’m unable to say if it’s re-hydrated my hair but I did think it gave my hair a little volume boost that I wouldn’t normally have.

I do like Envy Dual Fix 12 and think it has a lot of potential. Many of its effects are something that will probably come with use over a longer period of time and that’s something to certainly look forward to.

At £19.95 some may consider it quite a expensive purchase but if you consider the potential hair revitalising effects it’s well worth the investment. The Envy range also consists of a Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Perfect Blowdry.

Get the Envy Dual Fix 12 here

I give it 3/5


  • Has a dual use – either as a regular treatment or monthly intensive treatment
  • Has a large number of effects that will help improve the condition of your hair
  • Has a pleasant smell


  • The only real disadvantage that may put people off is the price

*This was kindly sent to me to test as a sample