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8 Ways to Destress

8 ways to relieve stress

As a busy woman finding time to take a step back, relax and destress can actually be quite difficult. It’s important to remember that whilst you’re making space for your friends and your family you should take time out for yourself. This fabulous article on 8 ways to destress will help you rediscover yourself and what you love doing.

Pamper yourself

Nothing relieves stress more than a warm bubble bath with some sensual body products and a good book. Sink down into the bubbles and let your worries melt away. If you suffer from muscle ache it might help to get a bath product that helps with sore muscles. A bath cushion will also let you lay down without drowning!

Catch up on your favourite programs

I don’t know about you but my weekends are lost in Netflix when I’m engrossed in a series. Recently I’ve watched the whole of Pretty Little Liars (which I’m missing badly, who is the new Big A!?) and before that Gossip Girl. Chilling out in front of the TV may seem lazy but you get to lose yourself and forget about running around after other people for a change.

Do some gentle exercise

I’m not saying you should run a marathon but very gentle exercise is a good way to get those feel good endorphins racing. Go for a leisurely swim or yoga class to get your muscles working and rid yourself of that lazy feel after watching as much TV as you can handle!

Immerse yourself in nature (or look outside your window)

People look out of the window for a reason – it’s actually pretty relaxing. Being able to see the world go on around you is great because you’re taking your mind off bigger things and experiencing new settings. To make it even better take yourself out to a park and feed the ducks. It’s not just toddlers who love seeing those quirky little creatures!

Surround yourself in nature

Flowers are beautiful and they can really lift your mood too. They come in all shapes and all colours of the rainbow and add a bit of style to any setting. It is believed that flowers has such a positive effect on us as they were a means of survival in caveman days when microwave meals and junk food simply wasn’t an option.

Kissing time

Kissing makes us feel good as it releases feel good endorphins. Mother nature of course wants to encourage you to reproduce but you can use this feeling for your own benefit. Getting close to someone will relieve your anxiety and help you to feel less isolated. Aim for a 10 second kiss for the ultimate impact.

Don’t let your allergies flare up

It may seem a bit weird but allergies can actually have a effect on your stress levels. For example if you suffer from hayfever you may find that when the pollen increases you start to get itchy eyes, a runny nose and generally feel pretty rubbish. This in turn will make your mood drop and you’ll be less likely to want to do anything because you don’t feel great. This can affect your mood levels which will change your stress levels in the background. The same applies for any other allergies you may suffer from.

Get your feelings out

If someone has really wound you up it’s bound to affect your mood and make your stress levels rocket. Obviously you can’t talk back to the person who’s upset you, especially if it’s a customer, but there is a way to let your anger go. Pretend you’re still in that situation and say what you’d love to say back to the person who annoyed you. You’ll get your feelings out without getting sacked or losing a friend!

I hope these techniques help you to take a step back and realise it’s important to set time aside for you. Do let me know how you get on!