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8 top tips for looking after your skin

8 top tips for looking after your skin

Did you know your skin is the biggest organ in your whole body? Your skin is the first things people see and it’s important to take care of it. Every season brings its obstacles – the summer can leave it burnt whilst winter can leave it dry and lacking moisture. I always use these useful tips to keep my skin  healthy.

Cater to your skin type
No one skin type is the same and each type needs different products to keep it healthy. If you have oily skin aim to buy products that will help to reduce oil and visa versa. There are so many products on the market now catered to each skin type so you won’t find yourself searching for long.

cleansing is important for taking care of your skin

Whatever your skin type it will benefit from regular cleansing. Cleansing helps wash away any excess makeup, dirt and impurities on the surface. Try and aim for a cleanser that is gentle on the face and isn’t drying.
I like Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel facial cleanser (£26 at Net-a-Porter)

Take care of your eyes
The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and I wouldn’t recommend using products you use on your face on that area. Aim for something that is designed specifically for the eye area as the formula is often a lot more gentle.
I like Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Firm and Lift eye cream (£28 at Net-a-Porter)

Always exfoliate
Exfoliation is perfect for ridding your skin of dead skin cells that can clog your skin up and cause spots. Try to exfoliate once or twice a week and use a product that is gentle on the skin.
Why not try No7 Total Renewal Micro-Dermabrasion facial exfoliator (£11 at Boots)

wear sunscreen to protect your skin

Protect your skin from the sun
Whilst you may think it’s unlikely in sub zero temperatures with grey cloudy skies, the sun can still damage your skin. Whether it’s winter or summer you should still use skin products that have sun protection in them. Try to get a product that has protection against both UVA and UVB rays as they can both be very damaging.
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF 30 has protection from both UVA and UVA rays (£24.50 at House of Fraser)

Day to day life can harm your skin
As sad as it sounds, simply living your life can have an adverse effect on your skin.  Pollution, smoke, stress, all these can affect your skin in a negative way. More products these days have ingredients in them that can help protect your skin from pollution and other stresses.

wear lip balm to protect your lips

Your lips need love too
The skin on your lips is very thin and fragile and is easily damaged by the cold and stress. Always keep your lips well moisturised, whether it’s with a soothing lip balm or moisturising lipstick.
Healthy Glow lip balm by 3Lab gives lips a splash of colour while caring for them with Jojoba, Vitamin C, Beeswax, Vitamin E and Peptides to fight free radicals. (£44 at Net-a-Porter)

Always moisturise
For your skin to look good it needs to be moisturised on a regular basis. Well all know how awful makeup looks on top of dry skin!
Try Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm (£42 at Net-a-Porter)

If you can- opt for hypoallergenic makeup
You may be lucky enough not to have any allergies but it’s best not to risk any flaring up. Hypoallergenic makeup is designed to suit all skin types, and can even be used around the eyes without upsetting sensitive skin.