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8 essential tips for surviving winter

8 essential tips for surviving winter

The run up to Christmas is amazing, everyone’s happy and your social calendar is full of non stop parties. So what happens when Christmas is over and the festivities fade away? The period after Christmas and new year can seem very bleak and you may start to feel flat. Whilst the colder weather and dark nights can make you feel miserable it’s not all bad. Winter is a time when you can assess your life and situation and not feel compelled to accept every invite that comes your way. Here’s some of my top tip on the best way for surviving winter.

Dress appropriately

The weather is colder so those short shorts are probably not appropriate. Dress as the weather calls for in snuggly jumpers and warm coats. Check out my coat wish list for inspiration.

Accept the weather

Unless you live in sunny climes winter will be cold, wet and overcast. Whilst you wait for the weather to warm up you can catch up on all the Netflix you missed in the summer.

8 essential tips for surviving winter getting extra sleep

Grab some zZz

Always feel like you’re tired and don’t get enough sleep? With the evenings become darker earlier you can hop into bed whenever you want and not feel like it’s still daytime.

Focus on you

Summer is all about getting out there, sitting in pub gardens and languishing in the late evening sun. In winter you don’t get out so much and that means you can focus on yourself. Why not take that time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while or take up a personal hobby like card making.

8 essential tips for surviving winter exercise more

Get exercising

Exercising is great for releasing endorphins which ignites the happy hormone dopamine in your brain. Whether it’s swimming, pole dancing or yoga do what you enjoy most and keep the cold away.

Indulge on comfort food

I love food and indulging in comfort food in winter is something I really look forward to. Comfort food is hearty dishes that will warm you up from the inside and you’ll hardly feel the cold. If you’re worried about calories check out my article on how to make comfort food healthy.

Update your surroundings

Naturally you’re going to be spending a lot more time at home in winter. To avoid cabin fever update your home and make it a more homely attractive place to be. You could buy some fresh flowers, a painting to make your wall a centrepiece or even new cushions and duvet cover.

8 essential tips for surviving winter get outside more

Embrace the outside

A walk in the crisp winter air is great for being at one with nature and making the most out of the daylight. You’ll feel great knowing you can come home out of the cold and slip into a boiling hot bath.

8 essential tips for surviving winter