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7 fantastic tips to help beat writers block

7 fantastic tips that will help beat creative block

Running a blog is perfect for letting your creativity run free, allowing you to tell the world about your life, the products you love and the events you attend.  Whilst many people blog as a hobby, some people blog for a living so it’s important to keep things fresh and the ideas coming.

Part of the fun of being creative is that you are free to do what you want without restriction. Often when you get into a routine your creativity can start to die and things start to get boring. That’s when writer’s block can strike. So when the ideas dry up and you’re scratching your head on what to write next, what can you do? Here’s top tips on how you can help combat the evil curse of writer’s block.

beat writers block take a break

Take a break
Sometimes the worst thing you can do is sit there and stare blankly at a blinking cursor on a blank screen. Often you can come up with your best ideas when you’re lost in the moment, playing with your kids or having a chat with a friend. Take yourself away  from your desk and completely take your mind off writing. Perhaps do something fun like a adult colouring book.

Is something wrong?
Sometimes you can be stuck for words as you have too much on your mind to be writing blog posts. Step back and assess your situation and see if there’s something on your mind that is bothering you. Once you’ve cleared your mind you should be able to think clearly again.

beat writers block have a laugh

Have a laugh
Have  you got several blog posts you need to get out like yesterday? Facing the pressure of deadlines can be extremely stressful and this can have a knock on effect on your creativity. So what can you do about it? They do say laughter is the best medicine and it releases the feel good hormone dopamine which helps relieve stress and make you feel amazing. Once you’re in a better mood  your mind will be a lot clearer enabling you to write your blog posts.

Switch off for the day
I bet the first thing you do in the morning after you wake up is pick up your phone and flick through  social media. Whilst it’s amazing that the world is so connected and we can document our every move, sometimes the constant need to connect can be overwhelming. If you find yourself overwhelmingly distracted by the internet and feel that you constantly have to reply to comments and messages, maybe it’s time to take a step back. If you find it’s affecting your creativity why not plan a time when you reply to your messages and stick to it so you have time to focus on writing your posts.

beat writers block take a walk

Go for a walk
A good walk will give you time to gather your thoughts and come up with ideas for future blog posts. Take your camera or mobile with you and snap pictures you take on your way. Why not try a walk with a lot of countryside or animals near by so you can take lots of interesting photos. You could even use the photos you’ve taken to create a blog post.

Carry a notebook with you at all times
Sometimes the best ideas can come to you when you’re out and about, commuting, or on your break at work. Make sure you have something to note down any ideas that suddenly come to you that are inspired by what you see around you.

beat writers block try another creative discipline

Try another creative discipline
If you’re struggling to write have you considered trying another creative art – like painting, sculpting or even photography? You may find that you find inspiration strikes when you least expect it.