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6 apps that will help you keep good habits

6 apps that will help your keep good habits

Have you ever wanted to give up fags or booze but found yourself falling off the wagon after a couple of days? Keeping up good habits is hard, especially when temptation is everywhere. It requires will power, determination and desire to succeed but you can get there. This article will give you my 6 top life and health apps that will help you make sure your good habits remain good.

how to drink more water

iDrated (iOs 79p)

If you want to drink more during the day but really struggle to keep it up this app is perfect. The app gives you little nudges throughout the day to remind you to top up your water bottle.

how to quit smoking

Smoke Free (iOs and Android free)

If you’ve been a smoker for years or even took the habit up recently due to stress this app will help you to quit smoking. It tracks how many cigarettes you’ve skipped, how much cash you’ve saved and how your health has improved as a result.

how to keep track of your goals

Way of Life (iOs free)

Do you have a goal in life that you really want but life just seems to keep getting in the way? Whether it’s saving up for a deposit on a house or a new car Way of Life helps you keep on track of your goals. The app lets you keep track of your goals and even change them when you’ve achieved them. You can set it to remind you of your goal so you can never lose track of what you want to achieve, no matter what life throws at you.

learn a new skill

Mastery (Android free)

Mastery is the perfect app for those that want to master a new skill. Whether it’s learning to knit or to learn a new language Mastery lets you choose your skill then hone your art. It can track the amount of hours you spend on it and even turns it in a game, giving you rewards for the amount of time you put in.

earn money while exercising

Pact (iOs and Android free)

I don’t know about you but I love it when I get rewarded for achieving something. Pact is perfect for those wannabe gym bunnies who just need that extra little kick to get them going. Pact offers you a cash incentive to work out. If you skip a session you have to pay others a set amount, if they miss a session you get the money. I can’t see a better reason to make sure you get down the gym!

cut down on alcohol

Change4life Drinks Tracker (iOS and Android free)

We might have just missed Stoptober but there’s always a reason to cut down on alcohol. Binge drinking is so common these days and with cocktails aplenty it’s easy to tot up those units. This app helps you to track your units and pinpoints when you overindulge.

6 apps that will help you keep good habits