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5 things I can’t live without

my most prized possessions

In life there are a number of things that are vital to life. Things such as oxygen, food and water keep us alive, happy and healthy. There are other things however that whilst humanity probably wouldn’t die out if they didn’t exist, I simply couldn’t live without them. Here’s a insight of the possessions most dear to me.

My computer
I’ve always had a computer since I was like 10 and it’s always been really important to me. Whether it’s writing my blog, playing a game, filling a survey in or browsing Facebook my computer is the perfect tool for both business and leisure.

My mobile phone
I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to my phone as some people are but without it I do feel a little lost. My phone helps to avoid the realms of boredom that lunchtimes can create and I love to browse social media in a spare moment. I also have lots of little apps that make me a few pennies which is a good investment of downtime. Check out my article on my top 14 apps that you can make money on.

My car
I recently damaged the engine of my old car and was left without a car for 4 whole torturous days. I have realised I’m quite dependent on a car to get me around, especially to work as my job is located in one of the most awkward locations to get to on public transport ever. My poor dad had to chauffeur me around for most of the week which I’m sure he loved.

My debit card
I rely so much on my debit card and rarely carry cash. My debit card is my lifeline to the world both online and offline. It lets me buy little goodies and spend my hard earned money.

My makeup collection
I have to say if I left the house without my makeup on I would feel naked. It may sound a little sad but without makeup I feel really uncomfortable and like all my flaws are on view to the world. Makeup just gives me that confidence to embrace my features and make the most of them.

What would you say you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!