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5 fun and smart ways to spend £10k

What would you do if you won £10k? Would you splurge it all on a new car or put it towards a house deposit? Discover the fun and smart ways I’d spend £10k

I enter a lot of competitions and lotteries as I love the thrill of winning. Whilst I haven’t won a big amount of money yet I’m always dreaming of the day that I win big. I’m sure you’ve all thought of things you’d buy if you won a huge amount of money, here’s what I would buy if I won £10k

5 fun and smart ways to spend £10k

Nail printing machine – £1,980.00

I first discovered Artpro Nail UK limited at Olympia Beauty. It’s a company that produces unique nail painting machines where you can print everything from a selfie to your cat on your nails. I’ve been wanting to purchase a portable machine for a while but the cost has always put me off. However I’d definitely invest if I had the spare money.

iPhone apps – £1,000

I’m not talking about spending £1,000 on buying apps on the App Store, I mean actually owning apps. You can place ads on each app and make money when people download and play the apps. I use Flippa to find apps available to buy, they list what the app is earning and how many downloads it gets. Some apps can earn thousands so it’s a worthwhile investment.

5 fun and smart ways to spend £10,000 1

Shopping spree – £1,000

I’ve got to spend some money on me right! I’m normally a high street girl so whilst I love Primark it’d be nice to splash out on some high end goods.

Deposit towards a new car – £2,000

I’m on the look out for a new car and I know putting a deposit down will reduce the monthly costs. I’ve got my eyes on a Honda Jazz or new Nissan Micra.

Money to put in Premium bonds – £4,000

Another great way of getting a potential return on my investment is by buying premium bonds. Whilst you’re by no means guaranteed to win, prizes are as big as £1 million if your bonds are picked as the winner. Whilst I would normally choose to save my money in top paying savings accounts, if i had the money available premium bonds would be top of my list.

So you can see if I won a lot of money my ultimate goal would be to find the best investments to make money. It’s important to still have fun and I’d definitely be enjoying my big shopping spree as well. What would you buy if you won £10k? Let me know in the comments!

5 fun and smart ways to spend £10,000