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40 Money Saving Beauty Tips

40 money saving beauty tips

Makeup is amazing and can give you so much confidence to face the world. It can however be expensive to keep topping up your makeup bag, especially when beauty brands release amazing must have items virtually every week. So don’t break the bank trying to buy everything, this article will give you 40 money saving beauty tips.

1. Bought a new lipstick but realised you can’t stand the colour or it doesn’t suit you? Why not mixing the lipstick with another shade to create a new colour that only you have.

2. If your makeup is broken you don’t need to throw it away there’s a few tricks you can do to repair it. Read my article to find out how!

3. If your mascara is drying out it may seem like the end of the world (it’s not). Instead of buying a new mascara add a few drops of saline and your mascara will have a new lease of life.

4. Once you’ve finished with your Mac, Kiehl and Lush containers take them back to the shop to get new products in return.

5. If you only have a small amount of product left place it into warm water till it melts. Once it has melted transplant it into a new container like a small compact case.

6. Get clumps out of your mascara by placing it into warm water.

7. Don’t spend a lot of money on items like makeup cleaners as you can create these yourself at home.You can create this by mixing 1/2 olive oil with 1/2 dishwasher soap.

8. Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo is a great alternative for a makeup remover (and it’s much cheaper)

9. In any department store or supermarket that sells makeup, retailers put the most expensive items at eye level. This is of course because these items are what you’ll see first and be more inclined to buy. Try looking around as the cheaper product which may not be directly in your eyeline may work just as well.

10. Do you love the brush on your expensive mascara? Often the brush is what makes the product cost more than the budget brand. Once the product has finished save the brush and use it in cheaper mascara.

11. If you only have a few drops left in your perfume you can actually use this to create a perfumed body lotion. Pour the drops into a unfragranced lotion to get the most out of your favourite scent.

12. Applying foundation with a sponge can actually use more product as it soaks up into the material. Use a foundation brush to get the best coverage and life out of your product.

13. When you buy makeup a lot of companies will give you samples as freebies. Often these will be a decent size so you’ll get some new products to try for free.

14. Blogger sales will often have premium brands available for great discounts. Don’t miss your chance to grab that Bobbi Brown product you’ve been longing for.

15. Look out for voucher codes which will get you a discount or cashback. Sites like Topcashback (referral link) will give you cashback on your shopping and VoucherCodes may have a major discount. Who would say no to getting money off?

16. If you’ve used up all your product pull the packaging apart to see if you can find any unused product.

17. If you fancy a new perfume ask for a sample so you can try it out first. That way you can try it over a few days and will only buy it if you really like it thus saving money on wasted perfume you turn out to hate.

18. Sometimes travel size products can actually work out cheaper then buying the product full size. Brands like Benefit often do a number of sets with samples of their most popular products. Check out their full range of gift sets here

19. Did you know you can actually use paintbrushes instead of makeup brushes? It sounds crazy but paintbrushes are actually available in the same size and texture as makeup brushes.

20. Get false looking lashes by applying talcum powder in between your lashes with a cotton bud.

21. Instead of buying a expensive lipstick or highlighter get a dupe. They look pretty much the same but save you a lot of money as you’re paying high street instead of high end prices. Here’s a example of some dupes 

22. Buy your favourite products off season to save some cash. Brands will often mark up products that are considered in fashion, i.e. pastel shades in spring, bright shades in summer and darker shades in winter. They’ll sell the same products all year long so get it cheaper whilst you can.

23. Get a foundation or bronze a shade darker then normal and mix in a moisturiser to give the product a longer shelf life.

24. Stop your eyeshadows breaking in your bag by placing cotton wool inside.

25. Instead of buying a pricey lip enhancer you can make your own by using peppermint oil. Here’s a recipe to show you how.

26. Cut your makeup sponges or cotton wool in half to get more use out of them.

26. Avoid pumping your mascara wand as this can trap air into the tube causing it to dry out quicker. Instead spin the wand to get rid of clumps.

27. If you’re going somewhere hot and you don’t want your lipstick bullets to melt and fall off transfer them into a little pot. It’s easier to mix shades together that way too.

28. Store your products in the fridge to give them a longer shelf life. A lot of products contain oil which can go off over time. Keeping them fresh will prevent this process occurring for as long as possible.

29. Use activated charcoal for a chemical free smokey eyeliner.

30. Youtube video hauls from popular channels will often have discount codes which you can use to get money off your favourite brands.

31. Check out discount stores like TK Maxx as they often sell big brands at virtually 3/4 of the original price.

32. If your favourite eyeshadow has broken all is not lost you can transform it into a beautiful nail varnish colour. Simply transfer the pigment into a clear polish and voila – new nail varnish.

33. Vaseline is fantastic as a budget friendly multi use beauty product. You can use it as a lipgloss, foot moisturiser and even a makeup remover.

34. Show loyalty to your favourite brands and you will be rewarded. Shops like Superdrug and Boots have a fantastic loyalty card program. Check out my guide on the best loyalty cards available here.

35. Make your new manicure last longer by painting the top of your nail with a top coat. Damage often starts at the top so by nipping it in the bud you’re giving your fresh colour a longer life.

36. It may sound obvious but only spend money on products you’ll know you’ll use. Often we buy products that we don’t really like and they just end up gathering dust for the next few years in a drawer.

37. Get your makeup done for free for a special event at a department store. This way you’ll get a fantastic look and you’re not using your own products.

38. Don’t apply too much makeup when you’re getting ready for the day or evening. Apply what you need and if you need a touch up then apply as necessary. You won’t use so much product so your makeup will last longer.

39. Use a bar of soap rather then a body wash as it’s cheaper and can actually last longer. It also creates less waste in the environment.

40. Large sized shampoos and conditioners can save you money as they will last longer and you’ll get more use out of them.

40 money saving beauty tips