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3 ways to keep your scalp healthy | scalp care

Whilst you probably buy loads of products to keep your hair healthy – you may neglect your scalp. Your scalp is quite integral to keeping your hair looking nice and dandruff free so you should always give it as much attention as you do your hair.

Scalp care

3 ways to keep your scalp healthy

Flat roots?

One thing that I suffer from a lot is flat hair. Flat roots are the offender here so it’s important to use products that can increase volume. If you want to keep it more natural you can flick your hair upside down whilst you’re blow drying it and pay attention to the roots.
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Itchy scalp relief

Does your scalp feel sore and itchy? It’s quite hard to see what your scalp actually looks like with all your hair on top but you can certainly feel if its suffering. It’s possible your skin has become irritated by an ingredient in the shampoo/conditioner you’re using. Try to buy products that are anti-irritant and have soothing properties in to relieve any discomfort.
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Dry flaky scalp treatment

The bane of many womens life is dandruff or flaky skin. As we all know dry skin doesn’t look good anywhere on your body, but when it’s integrated into your hair it can seem ten times worse. Aim for hair products that are all natural so they can comfort your scalp when it’s dry and sensitive.
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3 ways to keep your scalp healthy | scalp care