The budget beauty makeup highlighter palette that’s suitable for any occasion

the budget beauty makeup highlighter palette that's suitable for any occasion

I love adding to my budget beauty makeup collection and the Revolution 4k highlighter palette is one of the best buys yet

I’ve been busy adding to my ever growing highlighter collection in my latest Revolution beauty makeup haul. One of the newest additions is Revolution Pro 4K highlighter palette in Rose Gold. The palette is available in a two shades Gold and Rose Gold and claims to give the ultimate glow.

The palette has four powder highlighters in shades of pearl white, champagne gold, rose gold and rose pink. The powder is very soft which did result in quite a bit of powder breakage when I swatched the shades.

the budget beauty makeup highlighter palette that's suitable for any occasion 1

The first highlighter shade appears as a pearl white/silver tone. The second highlighter is mostly gold based with a very subtle pink undertone. The third highlighter appears quite more gold in the picture but to the naked eye it has a sheer almost holographic rose pink undertone. The fourth highlighter is the shade the most represents a rose pink shade. The swatches show how pigmented the palette is and I love how the highlighters seem to show different colours when the light hits them. As the highlighters are so pigmented it’s very easy to build up the colour with very little effort.

the budget beauty makeup highlighter palette that's suitable for any occasion highlighter swatches

The pearl white/silver highlighters appears really pigmented on the skin and is incredibly intense. Just one small swipe of the brush left a very large patch of highlight and I did have to tone it down quite a bit so it wasn’t too over the top. After toning it down I really like the finish, it is quite sheer can really catches the light to give my cheek bones real definition. It lasts all day and doesn’t break up or go really glittery which so many highlighters do after a period of time.

The gold highlighter is not as intense as the pearl white/silver shade but it’s still heavily pigmented. I only needed to apply once and didn’t need to blend for a subtle shimmer that looks really natural. It gives great definition to my cheekbones and can be worn when you want your makeup to look more low key.

The rose gold appears very sheer on my face and has a real holographic feel to it. It is obviously not as bright as the other highlighters but would be good if you just want a subtle highlight. It lasts well into the evening without breaking up.

Surprisingly the rose pink highlighter is a lot nicer on my skin then I thought it would be. It’s not as intense as the pink in the pan and leaves a natural looking highlight. It is also very subtle and blends in quite nicely with my blusher.

Revolution Rose Gold highlighter is certainly one you should have in your makeup collection. The highlighters last all night, leave my skin with a gorgeous highlight and defines my cheekbones. At just £8.00 it’s a great value palette and the highlighters vary in intensity so you’ll definitely find one highlighter suitable for your look; whether that’s a night out or day out shopping. The highlighters don’t break up and I’m not left with glitter specks all over my cheeks (my pet hate!). The only real issue I had was that the white pearl/silver was super intense so needed to be toned down.

I give it 4/5


  • Four highly pigmented highlighters
  • The highlighters All have slightly different intensities so the palette can be used for a variety of looks and events
  • The highlighters last all day without breaking down and leaving glitter all over my face
  • Great value at just £8.00 (just £2.00 per highlight!)


  • The white pearl/silver highlighter is very intense so it needs toning down so it doesn’t look too over the top

the budget highlighter palette perfect for any occasion