20 fantastic Halloween makeup ideas

20 fantastic halloween makeup ideas

This halloween you may be going to a spooktastic event- or even a friend’s halloween party. Whatever you’re doing you know you want to look the part – and that tired old ghost outfit just doesn’t cut it anymore. Here you’ll find 20 halloween makeup ideas which will make you the queen of Halloween (see what I did there?!) all the ideas are open to interpretation but you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest if you want to know what sort of style to create.

  • Mermaid – pretty self explanatory and totally in at the moment. You’ll certainly stand out amongst all the vampires and witches.
  • Pretty (scary) scarecrow – add a straw hat, rosy cheeks and a stitched on smile and you’ll have this down to a tee.
  • Beetlejuice – whip on a green wig, add some darkness to your eyes and work that pale face. Beetlejuice is a ghost with a difference.
  • Leopard – one of the most stunning animals in the world. You’ll certainly stand out with this look.
  • Disney princess with a twist – think cute Disney princess like Belle or Snow White and add a little gore. Think open gashes on the cheek, glass ripping through your neck or a high heel in your face. It might require a little work but it will look amazing! Just make sure you don’t let any kids see you or they’ll be scarred for life.

halloween horror bride

  • Ghoulish bride – think bride with darkened eyes, blood drenched lips and a pale af face. Basically everything you don’t want on your wedding day!
  • Doll – become your favourite childhood toy with bold pink lips, a stitched up mouth and long fluttering lashes. Don’t forget the eyeliner!
  • Scary red riding hood – we all love that fairy tale Red Riding Hood where our innocent heroine is saved from the wicked wolf. What if she wasn’t saved – what do you think she would look like? Think slashed face and damaged eyes.
  • Spider webs – if you don’t like spiders you might want to avoid this one. Draw large creepy spider webs on your face and add a few spiders in your hair. You won’t fail to make people jump – especially if the spider falls in their drink!
  • Cleopatra – go as one of the most famous queens of them all!
  • Pumpkin – I’m not saying you should rock up in a massive orange costume that you can’t walk in, think more spooky pumpkin makeup. Paint your face orange, darken your eyes and nose and make your lips as scary as you can.
  • Billy – who couldn’t forget jigsaws little helper Billy, the scary clown on a bike. As soon as you paint on those little red circles on your cheeks everyone will know who you are. Want to play a game?
  • Silence of the lambs – that simple moth design is enough to symbolise this unnerving film. Recreate it by painting your face white and drawing a large moth to resemble Buffalo Bills famous calling card.
  • Scary clown – for some reason clowns scare the bejeebers out of some people. Those big unnatural smiles, fake hair and insane laughs are enough to give anyone nightmares. Make that fear even worse by adding jagged teeth, dark exaggerated eyeliner around the eyes and a pale white face.
  • Queen of hearts – think a white heart shape painted on your face with bright red lips, little black hearts and rosy red cheeks.

skull halloween makeup idea

  •  Skeleton – what could be scarier than a walking, talking skeleton?! Make it even more glam with curly flowing locks.
  • Ghoulish avatar – blue face paint is of course a requirement for this look. Make it a little more scary by adding stitches on the face, chest and around the mouth. You could even add fake blood if you really want to go to town.
  • Scary eyes – pretty much what it says on the tin. Paint huge exaggerated eyes on your face – it will certainly draw you a few looks!
  • Terminator – show what you’re made of with a terminator inspired look. Think frosty makeup and exaggerated metal parts.
  • Ursula – want a look that is more badass then a mermaid? Why not go as Ursula? Think bright blue eyeshadow, bold red lips, exaggerated curly brows and of course that famous beauty spot.

I hope you have fun this Halloween. Whether you’re looking scary or sweet everyone around you is sure in for a treat!