Salon Science helps to restore radiance to hair with their new range of hair care

how to repair hair using salon science

What the brand says
Salon Science have come up with a innovative new range of hair products that blend the use of science with beauty. The award winning brand Salon Science uses the science behind what makes a product work with the hair to create products that are designed for hair loss, anti ageing, repair and radiance and hydration and scalp sensitivity.

The products are enriched with next generation plant stem cells and bio-active technology to help get even the toughest hair under control. In the same way that beauty brands create anti-ageing and enriching creams for the skin, Salon Science products have the same concept.

The new range of products include:

PhytoCellTex Swiss apple for anti-ageing and restored volume

  • Enriched with Plant Stem Cell technology, the product is designed to thicken and protect fine and fragile hair.

AnaGain Organic Pea Sprout for targeting hairloss

  • Organic pea sprout helps to encourage hair growth at the root and prolong the lifecycle of your hair.

GSP-T Swiss Grape for repair and radiance

  • If your hair is overprocessed and frazzled the Swiss Grape will help to restore it with powerful antioxidants. It should also help to brighten the hair which is great for those who dye their hair.

AquaCacteen Organic cactus for scalp relief.

  • There’s nothing worse than a sore itchy scalp which leaves you scratching all day. AquaCacteen Organic Cactus hydrates the hair and hydrates the scalp so it’s healthy again.

The Lowdown
For the purposes of the review I am testing GSP-T Swiss Grape. The product has quite smart packaging with a scientific looking design. I haven’t tried any new hair products for a little while so in this review I’m focusing on the shampoo, conditioner and Reprotectant Thermal Creme. I really like the unique applicator top that pushes down like a step, it’s not something I’ve seen before. The shampoo quickly worked into a rich lather and the conditioner had quite a silky consistency. Both products smelt fabulous, I believe there was a hint of grape but as grapes don’t tend to smell it’s hard to say. After washing my hair smelt lovely with a perfumed scent.

Before drying my hair I sprayed on the thermal cream. The spray nozzle makes it really easy to direct onto whatever part of hair you desire and it has a really lightweight consistency. The spray has the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner. I did think my hair seemed a little more tangled than it normally is after washing when using the thermal cream as opposed to my normal product.

The next day my hair was easy to manage and style. My hair was shiny after use, although I wouldn’t say there was much difference to my normal hair products. Over time the products may have more of an effect.

Lovely smelling products that left my hair easy to manage. I can’t say there was much different to my normal hair products however.

I give it 3/5

Get the shampoo for £7.33 at Boots
Get the conditioner for £8 at Boots
Get the thermal creme for £8 at Boots

before and after salon science gsp-t swiss grape shampoo and conditioner


  • Has a lovely perfumed scent that leaves your hair smelling great
  • Four different ranges that work to help eliminate different hair problems
  • Hair was smooth and easy to manage once dry


  • After initially applying the products my hair seemed a little more tangled than normal.
  • I didn’t notice much difference in shine when compared to my usual products.