Tips on how to get festival ready


festival preparation tips

Festival season is almost here and it’s time to party!

Whether you’re heading to Wireless, Reading, V-fest or Glastonbury it’s important to get festival ready. Knowing what the British weather is like you should think practical and leave the 5 inch heels for the next time you’re out clubbing. There’s nothing worse than dragging 6 inch heels out of sopping wet mud after all! Get your neon paint on and start the countdown with these top tips.

Keep your hair low maintenance
When you’re at a festival the last thing you want is to spend a hour perfecting your hair just for the rain (you know what the British weather is like) to downpour and ruin it. It’s also a little hard to curl and straighten without electricity. The best option for your hair is something simple and easy to create. Half up styles are perfect as you still have some hair down but the worst of it will stay out of your eyes. You can finish the look with a pretty flower crown. Don’t forget your dry shampoo to stop your hair getting greasy. I recommend Superdrug Gold shimmer dry shampoo (RRP £1.99) which you can get here.*

What should you wear?
I’ve already mentioned that high heels are probably best left at home when you’re heading to festival land. Here’s a few top picks you should pack into your weekend bag:

what sort of clothing should i wear to a festival

  • Vest tops or t shirts – so easy to wear and really comfortable.
  • Shorts/skirts – As unpredictable as the weather is generally summer is pretty warm so you’ll want to be packing some shorts and skirts. Try to avoid clothing that is too tight or you may end up chafing and sweating when you can’t get to a shower easily is not fun.
  • Leggings – so comfortable and so easy to wear. You can throw them on with anything.
  • Sandals – Sandals are great for giving your toes freedom and letting them flirt with the grass.
  • Boots/trainers – I would definitely carry a pair of wellington boots with you just in case the field turns into a muddy swimming pool (remember what happened at Glastonbury). Trainers are also great for the evening when you’re dancing the night away to your favourite bands.
  • Hat – A lovely straw hat looks cool and is also very practical helping the sun to stay out of your eyes and preventing burning.
  • Cross body bag – aim for a bag that lets you hang it diagonally across your body. This leaves your arms free to boogie. It will also let you see your bag at all times avoiding theft.

Top beauty tips
When you’re going away to dance all day and night and sleep in a tent then you’ll know preparation is key. With thousands of people in one field, there’ll be massive queues for the showers so you can’t freshen up when you feel the urge. Here’s some key things to remember:

festival beauty tips

  • Before you go away make time to exfoliate, shave, pluck anything that needs defuzzing and apply your fake tan. You’ll look and feel much better if you know you can get your legs out without worrying about someone noticing your hairy legs!
  • There are showers at festivals but of course you might have to wait a while to get your turn. If you’re planning to use the shower pack travel minis to save space and bring a deodorant that you know really works. There’s nothing worse then smelly pits on a hot day!
  • Protection from the sun is vital on those hot sunny days. Festivals are completely out in the open so you’re exposed from day to night. Even when it’s raining the sun’s rays can still harm your skin. Bring a high factor suncream – aim for at least SPF 35 to avoid unnecessary sunburn.
  • As you won’t be able to wash much you’ll want to stay clean in other ways. Bring things like face wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues and baby wipes to get rid of makeup, dirt and grime.
  • When it comes to makeup I would say go for multi-purpose products all the way. With all the stuff you’re going to need to take you’re going to have limited space for makeup so taking your entire makeup bag probably isn’t wise. Aim for the essentials like mascara, foundation, blusher, bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadow. There are fantastic multi purpose products out there – I love Benefit Rockitude Lip and cheek palette (£25.50 at John Lewis), Benefit How To Look The Best at Everything (£25.50 at John Lewis) and Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Eyeshadow Set (£23.50 at House of Fraser)*
  • Don’t forget a lovely bright lipstick to finish your look off.

Have fun at the festivals this summer and stay safe!

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