How to create spooky halloween chocolates

Halloween is just around the corner and whilst this post is probably a bit late there’s still time for you to create your own Halloween surprise.

These chocolates are super easy to design and only require two ingredients, a bar of chocolate and a halloween mould. The finished look is very professional and your friends and family may
even mistake it for professionally made chocolate sweets.

I used a bar of Galaxy chocolate and a super halloween silicone mould which I purchased from Poundland.

To recreate pour hot water into a saucepan and heat the water up. When the water starts to steam put a bowl in the water and then place your chocolate in the bowl. Leave the chocolate to melt till it has liquidated and then stir so its completely runny. Use a spoon to pour the chocolate into each of the moulds ensuring that you have a even level.

Have a boo-per Halloween!