Give your lashes Fantastic Volume and Lift with Bourjois Fantastic Volume Mascara

The Gloss
If you’re looking for a mascara that adds volume, length and fans out your lashes look no further then Bourjois Fan-tastic mascara. This innovative mascara has a unique fan shaped brush that coats all lashes in one stroke for a fanned out volumised look.

Enriched with a silk extract the intense black mascara has a rich volumising formula that helps it to glide and grab onto your lashes. You can apply layer upon layer without clumps leaving your lashes smooth and volumised. Even better it’s paraben free and suitable for contact lens wearers.

The Lowdown
I was initially attracted to this mascara by its unique shape. The brush is unique in that it only encompasses one side and the bristles are very close together. The bristles are very small on the ends and grow larger as you reach the middle of the brush.It does have a bit of a artificial smell but you only really notice it when you’re applying the mascara. Whilst the bristles are really tiny I didn’t have any problem applying the mascara and it went on smoothly. The brush was a little short to cover all the lashes in one go but one or two strokes were enough to fully coat all the lashes. I love how the product gives fantastic lift, helping to lengthen the lashes and give a real false lash effect. Unfortunately there was a small amount of clumping but it was nothing major and easy enough to separate with a lash separator.

The mascara is a little pricey for the high street but it performs really well and you’ll bound to get loads of compliments. I give it 4/5

Get it for £9.99 at Boots


  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Enriched with silk extract for smooth application
  • Lengthens and lifts lashes giving a false lash effect
  • One or two strokes fully covers your lashes


  • Strange chemical smell
  • Does clump slightly