How to look good at work using Avon cosmetics

Not a fan of the natural look? This article will show you how to look good at work using natural makeup

Going to work doesn’t mean you have to go bare faced and not wear any makeup. Whilst it may not be appropriate to wear false lashes and heavy foundation to work you can work a number of products into your routine that make you look great without trying too hard. All you need is natural looking makeup that will help you look your best self in and out of work. This little guide uses mostly Avon products and will show you how to look good at work. Unfortunately I can’t point you to where you can buy them as they’re no longer available, but you can obviously buy products with similar colours and benefits.

how to look good at work using avon cosmetics

1. Once you’ve applied your base get a lengthening mascara and apply to your top and bottom lashes. This will accentuate your lashes and really frame your eyes.

2. Get a creamy brown eyeshadow crayon and slowly shade the eyelid area. A crayon with a silky texture will add a little more allure to your eyes.

3. Get a hot pink blusher and apply to the apples of your cheeks for that cute just been for a run look.

4. Looking pale? Bronzers are great for giving a little warmth to areas that would naturally catch the sun – the nose, cheekbones and forehead.

5. Last but not least get a hot pink lipstick to seal the deal. It will give your lips a feminine tone without looking too much like you’re getting ready for a night out.

Voila, you’re ready to show your work colleagues what you can achieve by revamping your routine. Think they’ll want to know how to look good at work too? Simply share the post on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest to spread the word.