Fake it the easy way with Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara

Are you bored of faking it? No, not in that way!

Seventeen are aiming to take the beauty industry by storm with their Falsifeye HD! mascara. It’s time to throw the false lashes in the bin and embrace what nature gave you with a little help from this little beauty.

With claims of defined lashes with added volume and length this high street brand wants to show that you don’t need to pay a lot to get that false lash effect.

Through research Seventeen found that:

  • 94% of women saw more definition
  • 93% saw separated lashes
  • 92% saw long lasting results

It’s not unusual to see such good research statistics on beauty products, especially as they’re done on a selected portion of the community. So enticed by the excellent statistics and the picture of the before and after on the front I was keen to see how it really performed.

The brush was a standard slimline plastic flexible brush with close together bristles. On applying the mascara I wasn’t disappointed – my lashes were instantly defined and they certainly seemed a lot longer. A few of my lashes clumped together but nothing major and I love the fanned out effect the mascara gave my lashes. The product was long lasting and I didn’t find it running down my face half way through the day.

On the downside, as products are rarely perfect, the plastic brush was really quite stiff and made my eyes feel irritable and sore when applying.  As downsides go it’s relatively small and if you can get over that you’ll have a mascara that holds its own, helping to define and lengthen your lashes so the only thing you’ll need to fake it is Falsifeye mascara.

I give it 4/5


  • Defines lashes instantly
  • Lashes are visibly lengthened
  • Great budget buy
  • Long lasting


  • The plastic wand is quite irritable on the eye