Get beach ready with St Ives april facial scrubs

Dull pasty skin can be a pain and often send us on a quest to find the perfect cleanser or exofliator that will give us bright, glowing skin. After all the prospect of lying by the pool feeling like you have to cover up in makeup is not the best way to start a relaxing holiday.

St Ives aim to help get beach fit with the launch of four facial scrubs that promote healthier looking skin. The products contain the fresh essence of apricots and use the natural oils found in the fruit to hydrate and nourish your skin.

If you have normal skin and want a nature radiance try Invigorating as it removes dull and dead skin to reveal a smooth complexion.

Sensitive skin requires the Gentle version that’s formulated for sensitive skin, containing skin soothing botanical, micro beads and Jojoba oil to gently remove skins impurities.

Blemish Control does what it says on the tin and uses active clarifying ingredients to gently unplug pores and help to prevent future blemishes and blackheads.

Finally Renew & Firm helps to reduce roughness and mottled pigmentation to naturally revive the skins natural beauty.

For the purpose of the review I got to test the Invigorating facial scrub. As with all St Ives products the scrub has a gorgeous deep apricot smell that doesn’t seem at all artificial. It had a creamy, lumpy consistency with a grainy texture which you would expect with a exfoliator. On applying I found it was actually quite soft and not at all abrasive. Whilst I couldn’t see a instant glow after applying it’s definitely a product that will work well in the long run in maintaining healthy skin and eliminating dead cells.

The range of scrubs have a lovely smell and contain 100% natural ingredients which is great for trouble skin.

I give it 4/5.


  • 100% natural exfoliants
  • Gorgeous apricot scent
  • Four different versions to suit different skin types


  • None that I can see

Get yours for £2.66 at Superdrug (was £3.99) whilst it’s on offer!

*this was sent as as sample to test