Keep your cards safe on a night out with the Otterbox Phone Case


When you’re out on the town the last
thing you want to have to worry about is what you’ve done with your
debit card. The Otterbox is the ultimate hero product for those who
want to travel light on a night out using a unique slider pocket to
keep your cards safe.


The Otter Box phone case is a unique
product that combines robust packaging with a foolproof hideaway for
up to 3 cards. The case has a sturdy outside cover with a inner
silicone shell. If you’re working in a mechanical setting your phone
is more likely to keep your phone intact if it was to fall on the


The case comes with a handy front cover
however the plastic cut out at the top of the cover doesn’t seem to
fit the specification of the phone. The instruction sheet that the
product came with is very basic and doesn’t really explain how to set
it up. I don’t currently have the Iphone 5C and unfortunately I was
sent the wrong case type so I cannot properly demonstrate the
product. As the film cover only sits over your phone it won’t be able
to stop dirt getting between the film and the silicone and
potentially damage your screen.


The silicone cover can be a bit of a
pain when you’re trying to plug in your charger or your earphones but
helps in keeping your case clean and any dust out.


This light weight product offers
protection and adds real peace of mind to your night out. With
storage for card it can potentially hold a few notes safe too
avoiding the need for carrying too much when you head out.


There is a case available for both the
Iphone and the Android.


To get yours or find out more
information head over to Otterbox 



  • Storage for your cards keeping them
    safe and hidden from view
  • Saves you having to carry lots of items
    on a night out
  • Protective case for your phone, perfect
    if you’re prone to dropping it!


  • The front cover is pretty flimsy and
    only lays on top of the phone which offers little protection to items
    that slip underneath
  • The little silicone inner layer can get
    in the way of your headphones or charger

*This was sent to me as a free sample.