Give your skin a face lift with Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel


Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel is a unique combination of Green Tea essence, Soybean extract, Vitamins C and E and Biogel  to give your skin a invigorating experience like nothing you’ve had before. Ginvera Marvel Gel is one of the most popular exfoliating products in Singapore and has held that title for 16 years, helping to attack skin evils like black heads.

The ingredients are designed to:

  • Stimulate skin metabolism making your skin look younger
  • Refines pores, leaving finer, smoother skin
  • Fades pigmentation and acne scars
  • Regulates and balances oil secretion, helping to prevent pimples
  • Evens out skin tone to give skin clarity
  • Allows rapid and instant penetration of skin care products

I applied this on a dry face to my forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. The product which has a green consistency doesn’t have the typical gritty sensation most exfoliating products have and is very soft when applying to the skin. It sank in really easily and I washed it off about a minute with some water. My skin is generally quite clear so I didn’t see any instant effects, however I feel the product has more of a lifetime effect helping to improve your skin over a length of time.

Green Tea Essence

  • Rich in antioxidants which helps to protect skin cells against harmful free radicals and reduces photo aging from UV light

Soybean Extract

  • Contains plenty of Amino acids which have strong moisturising and illuminating properties

Vitamins C & E

  • Revitalises skin cells, smoothens and clarifies skin


  • Helps to break down skin care products into smaller molecules, for deep penetration and fast absorption by skin cells

This product is now so popular it’s available at all UK and Ireland Harvey Nichol stores for £22.99 and online at Harvey Nichols

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